*waves to the internet masses*

Hi, everyone. I’m Jenny, and this is my writing blog.

I am following the advice of several of my friends and family. After years of writing and getting nowhere with the traditional publishing model, I am now actively pursuing self-publishing.

My editor has the book. I have an artist to do the book cover. All I have to do is fix the book when the editor is done with it, approve the book cover, and then I can release it for publication.

For those of you who want a paper copy, I am planning on just releasing the book virtually for now.

What story am I planning to publish? I’m so glad you asked!

Jasmine, the youngest princess of Wynster, has secretly fallen for Trevor – a peasant clergyman. After accepting his faith as her own, she is faced with a dilemma. The clergyman will not court her further without the blessing of her family, yet the Queen will only consider one of noble blood or great wealth for her hand.

Jasmine’s plea for her suitor dissolves into an outburst against her mother. The Queen orders her to recant her new faith and renounce her choice of husband. Jasmine refuses and is thrown into the dungeons.

Her resolve does not waver when a new prisoner is placed below – Trevor. When her beloved faces execution, Jasmine must endanger her own position in order to speak to the angry Queen. With one word, her mother can either spare his life or order both their deaths.

THE TEST OF TRUE LOVE is a Christian Romance which follows Jasmine’s quest for love, freedom, and forgiveness.


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