The Message

All writers are different, of course, but I am the type of writer that likes to incorporate a message of some kind into my stories. My characters get from one point to another by learning some type of lesson. This may be my childhood shining through, but all the kids shows I watched growing up were deep on some level. I learned ABCs, Bible stories, and the importance of sharing. My parents were children’s evangelists. They mastered the art of teaching through fun ways.

Now that I’m armed with a keyboard and have a chance to share my stories with the world, I am determined to teach something throughout my books. Each of my stories have an intentional message. Some may call it preaching and may be turned off by it. Unfortunately, those people are not my target audience. I aim for the people who are open to a story with a purpose.

I have made a decision not to hide my faith in my writing. I’m not going to be ugly to those who don’t share my faith, for they are the people I want to reach with the Truth. One way I choose to do that is through my books. I tell a compelling story with faith being a major factor. It is part of who I am.

Hollywood usually does a poor job of conveying my vein of faith, if they even acknowledge it exists. I am determined to get the word out about the type of faith that I possess. I choose to do that by portraying characters with my type of faith. They don’t walk around quoting Scripture with every other breath, but my characters have a faith that grounds them and enables them to face life’s challenges in a unique way. Basically, they follow this quote: “Preach the gospel at all times. When necessary, use words.”


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