Where is This Going?

I feel like I’m experiencing the Week Two Blahs that are most common in NaNoWriMo. You see, I’m crazy and started writing a story halfway through November to reach my higher-than-average word goal. I met the goal, but the story was pretty much just getting started.

It got to a depressing point, and I set it to the side. When I get too frustrated with editing, I went back to writing this story. It’s given me focus when I need something to do.

Last time, I wrote about the stuff that will happen in the story. I’ve done some of that, and I’m at a lull before things move forward. I can’t decide if I’m stalling because I’m writing from the wrong perspective, I need to stop the story, or if I just don’t want to move forward. It’s a weird feeling.

I’m also uncertain if this will turn into a mammoth book that will only end up being research, though the story technically ended (well, I thought it did). Guess I won’t know until I finish.

Maybe that’s why I’m stalling. I have no idea how this ends. The story line has a clear ending, but I’m pretty sure the book doesn’t end there, if that makes any sense.

Guess there’s only one way to find out. That’s right – I must keep on writing.


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  1. I hope you find something that inspires you.

    One of the things I try to think about is something I read in Stephen King’s ‘On Writing.’ He basically says being a writer is a bit like being an archeologist. Discovering a story is like discovering that little corner of an artifact, or dinosaur bone, sticking out of the hard packed soil. And the writing process is the same as slowly chipping away at that dirt- sometimes painfully slow, other times so quickly you think its happening by magic.

    To me, when I think about the story as that hidden artifact, it tells me that maybe I can guess what the story is about (i.e. what the artifact is), but I will only really know what it is when I dig up the entire thing.

    Or in other words, you may think you know the story, but sometimes you have to keep digging away, and what you get in the end may be a complete and wonderful surprise.

    This is turning into a crazy long comment- but I just wanted to encourage you- do keep writing. The end product might completely surprise you!
    -JD (stringsoup2013 from the Pitch ABNA thread)

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