I’m usually about three years behind the latest in technology. I still have a dumb phone that cannot connect to the internet. I always joked that I was connected enough, so I don’t need to be on the internet anymore than I already am.

For Christmas, my big gift was a tablet. Not an iPad, but something that had an actual touch screen and made me feel like a member of the 21st century. I have joined the legions of people taking selfies and pictures of my cats.

My tech-savvy brother immediately downloaded Dropbox for me, so I didn’t use all my memory on pictures. Then I figured out I could upload my stories to my tablet. I was in nerd heaven. Convert my stories to PDFs, send them to Dropbox, and I could read one of my books without grabbing a binder, highlighters, and a pen. Reading my story while enjoying a meal out no longer looks as if I’m doing homework.

I will always love books. But as one who reads a lot, I am relishing the freedom of carrying something small enough to fit into my purse, but will hold as many books as I want. Adding in that I can highlight different things in my stories and even make notes is a big bonus, too.

Technology is amazing. I can see why ebooks are the wave of the future.


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