My Voice

About a month ago, I was sick for over a week. I was plagued with a persistent cough. By the time it went away, I had a bad sore throat. I had to take one day and not talk as much as possible in order to reclaim my voice.

With my sickness limiting my use of my voice, I started to contemplate my writing voice. I was told since I was about 12 that I needed to write and develop my voice. It didn’t make a lot of sense, but I followed instructions. How would journaling about the boy who didn’t like me back help me as a writer?

Years later, though, the practice has paid off. No matter what I write, no matter which character I am following, I am confident that my own quirky voice shines through. Part of me will show up in a variety of my characters. A bit of Alex’s humor is me. Jasmine’s stubbornness is all me. I can’t take credit for Trevor’s wisdom, but his faith is mine. I knew as soon as I started writing about Rebecca that she was the leader that I wished I could be.

I am confident that my voice is not only present in my characters, but also in my narration. I finally understand what those judges in my first writing competition were saying. I needed practice. I needed to get used to describing things in writing. In doing so, my own unique writing voice would develop.

Thank you, Teen Talent judges, for encouraging me to keep writing. Part of my writing voice might not have been developed without your words.


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