The Distinguishing Line

There may come a time when this changes, but I have always held published authors in a different light. I have been an amateur writer, hoping to be published, for years. Those who have made it through the necessary hurdles and have managed to get their work recognized by others as having some merit have stood on the pedestal I’ve craved for myself. Published writers were just a bit better than me. Published writers had secrets I didn’t. Published writers persevered until they saw their work in print.

Since I’ve made friends with writers over the years, the words of published authors have carried great weight with me. Those who chose to give me advice made me want to dance for joy. A published author wanted to help me succeed! Woohoo!

I’m reminiscing about that line between amateur and published writers right now because someone, a published author, just complimented my work. People have told me many times over the years that I have talent and my stories are awesome. Hearing the same kind of thing from at least one person in the published crowd makes me smile.

I know there’s not much a difference now between amateur and published writers. One has their book for sale and one doesn’t. That doesn’t mean the amateur writer is of any less caliber than the published one. We must keep on believing, writing, and persevering. Someday, we may be able to encourage another who is striving to get where we are.

Don’t underestimate the power of encouragement. Someone, somewhere, looks up to you. If you choose to encourage that person, they will not forget it.



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2 responses to “The Distinguishing Line

  1. Lovely article. I remember when I felt just as you so eloquently described. Now, it is nose to the grindstone time. 🙂

  2. As a writer who journeyed/struggled/battled for 13 years to get published, ultimately being helped by one of the Published, I felt every word of your piece. Keep going, keep writing. If this is your dream, you can reach it…and then one day you will be the one encouraging someone on their way.

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