I wrote this entry three months ago, the day before I was eliminated in the contest. However, the thoughts are still relevant.


I entered my book in a contest last month. I readied my story to the best of my ability. I’ve been distracting myself successfully with other projects since I entered. I’ve been reading for a week now. Despite the amount of time I have dedicated to other projects, I keep remembering the deadline.

Tomorrow, I will hear whether or not I made the first cut of the contest. I have passed here before, and I have fallen here before. I’ve made decisions about what to do with my story if it gets kicked out of the contest. But I have deliberately not done much because I hold out hope that it will survive in the contest for at least part of the way.

I want my awesome book to have a fighting chance with other awesome books. I know Christian Fiction isn’t for everyone, but I know that my story will have appeal beyond the typical audience. I guess that’s one reason why I have entered my book in this contest. I want to see if people agree with me on that count.

Waiting for word is never fun. As long as today will seem, tomorrow will likely be slower. Tomorrow, I will have word. Word that might make my day or wreck my week.

Waiting is never easy, yet a writer often has to wait. We must wait for a good story or amazing character to introduce themselves. Writing the story is fun, and sometimes it seems like the story will never end (okay, that might just be me). And then we must wait after we finish the story to give ourselves distance. Once distance has been achieved, we can read our story with fresh eyes to determine if it’s any good.

Waiting when your story is in the hands of another reader doesn’t go any quicker.

At some point, I will get better at waiting. Today, I’m certain, is not that day.


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