New Plan

My tentative plan has been pretty much the same since I began this blog: apply feedback from my editor, set a release date, self-publish.

I’ve talked with my editor, and my plans have now been revamped. I may now be publishing sooner than I first thought. My plan was to edit my story in July and publish in August. Now, though, I may end up publishing in July.

Of course, I still have to edit my story for a final time, contact my cover designer, set up an author profile page, and announce the release date all over the internet. Once I have a release date.

I anticipate it taking me approximately one month to edit the story for a final time and get the other details in place.

So, fellow readers, vote! August or July? Beginning of the month? End? Middle? Pick a date! I need help!



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3 responses to “New Plan

  1. Adrienne

    I say split the difference… end of July. 🙂 That way, as it’s already June, you have time to do all you need to do to prep the release. Can’t wait to read it!!!!

  2. Congrats!
    I remember thinking the writing was going to be the most difficult thing, then I thought it was going to be the editing. Now I’m convinced the most difficult things are getting a good cover, uploading to Kindle & then releasing the actual book 🙂
    Good luck!

  3. I say beginning of August. There is a whole consumer cycle of when people spend money. Beginning of the month is always better. And extra time isn’t a bad thing. I probably would have invested more time creating a buzz before release if it hadn’t been my first release. Things you learn along the way. Though I have sold well the first 3 weeks even though I did release in the middle of the month.A cushion of breathing room in your timeline is good.

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