Ignoring Fear

There are times when I consider what I’m getting myself into. I’m about to embark on a publishing journey with virtually no help. I’m about to present some of my best work to absolute strangers. They may hate it. They may love it.

Some days I am certain that neither secular audiences or Christian ones will embrace the story. Other days I’m positive I have struck the correct balance and both sides will love it.

I didn’t write a normal Christian novel. I know that. Normal has never been my goal, though. I wrote a story that spoke to me. The words wouldn’t leave me alone until I penned them. Once I finished, I went back over it and began editing.

Almost two years later, I’m about to present it to the world to either love or hate. It’s an exciting experience. But it’s also scary.

The “what ifs” will hold me back forever if I let them. Instead, I’m choosing to dream. This story will speak to people. They’ll get caught up in Jasmine and Trevor’s adventures. I’m dreaming that readers will love it so much, they will be begging for the next story.

If I’m wrong, at least I will have accomplished something. One of my life goals since I was about 18 has been “get published.”

Fear will always hold you back. Don’t let it steal you away from your dream.

I’m going to take my own advice now and not let fear hold me back.

*throws confetti*

I finally have a release date! The Test of True Love will be available for download on July 15.

More information coming soon.


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  1. Yay! Congrats! It IS scary, it IS wonderful! And that accomplishment is huge and yours to enjoy.

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