Today I am struggling to deal with another unfortunate reality of the publishing world. I have had an unexpected delay with the release of my cover art. As a result, I will not be selling my book tomorrow. 😦

My new release date is July 25, but that is still rather tentative.

While this gives me more time to sign up where I need to, get the formatting correct, and finally nail down what I am supposed to say in my author bio, I am very disappointed with this setback. Despite this, I am not backing down. I am going to publish my book.

I am planning on doing a giveaway of my book. Those details will be released on my Facebook Author page a bit closer to the new release date.

Don’t give up when you reach a disappointing step in your journey. If you are determined, you will reach your goal. Sometimes, that means taking a longer path than you prefer. Quitters never win, and winners never quit.

To make everyone laugh, here is a clip from The Lego Movie.


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One response to “Setbacks

  1. Keep your chin up! I had a lot of set backs the first time around. It’s a learning curve. And your debut IS coming!

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