The Reason for Writing

Mostly, I begin a story because it won’t leave me alone and it has a cool message. While I’m waiting for the next big idea to hit me for November, I’ve been dabbling in short stories with characters I already know, letting them complete a milestone that took place in between my books.

I’ve moved on to a couple that are central figures in a series that is on hold due to its plot holes. I knew they knew each other seven years. I knew they realized they had feelings for each other after a certain book ended. I also knew he proposed on the first date (by accident).

I ended up penning their story due to a late night in the hospital a few weeks ago, needing to focus on something happy. Since I was recently engaged, I figured it was time to at least write this story down.

What I didn’t know at the time is that the story following their engagement would end up voicing my frustrations with the process of planning a wedding. Looking up prices when you have a very strict budget is a tad frustrating.

Another friend of mine is getting married soon. She told me yesterday to skip the fuss and go ahead and get married. She is clearly fed up with the process.

I ended up writing a scene last night where the characters discuss the timing of the wedding. The couple has been dating for all of three weeks, and she has just mentioned they have to pick a date. He responds with, “What are you doing next week?” Her reply was very heated, and I suspect was more of me than her. “I am not going to a justice of the peace!”

At least I’ve now figured out that this story about an engagement that takes way longer than anyone suspects will end up mirroring my frustration over things. It might end up being the way I relax when my own wedding planning hits a snag. Knowing the reason you’re writing something is an important step in the process.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go relax and focus on something non-wedding related.

In case you missed it last week, I am now officially published! Print copies are now available! *throws more confetti*

**Psst! Buy my book!**



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