Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

So far, my most popular posts have been ones where I didn’t focus solely on aspects of writing. You’ll have to excuse me as I transition from writing about the process of putting words on paper to more general topics that people who are not writers can relate to. Sorry, I’ve been doing that for over two years on my previous blog. That’s where my brain is trained to go.

My father is a sci-fi fan, so I grew up watching Star Trek and Star Wars. My brothers joined in on the obsession, making sure to watch the other Star Trek series that birthed after Next Generation ended. I watched the shows, too, but when Voyager aired featuring a female captain, I was way more excited than I had been about previous shows.

Anyway, with the whole family being involved in Star Trek, we thoroughly enjoyed the movie Galaxy Quest. For the uninformed, it is a movie about actors who starred in a show that was popular 15 years ago. They’re drafted into a real life space battle with aliens who believed the shows were “historical documents.” The actors eventually save the day and have a renewed purpose in life. In the process of the movie, though, they make fun of pretty much all sci-fi shows.

Within that movie is a motto that pretty much rocks. “Never give up, never surrender!”

On the days where I want to forget the whole writing gig and never touch my stories again (I promise, it happens to me, too), I remember this phrase. Despite the days I want to pull my hair out over my writing, I know I can’t leave it alone. I have a calling in writing. That is why I can’t ever give it up.

I know as I write my stories that it feels right. I know as I’m penning the next chapter or even rereading what I just finished that I am called to share these stories with the world. No one else can share Jasmine’s stories. God gave that task to me, and I’m pretty excited to finally be doing it.

When someone describes a horrible day at work or the bad working conditions, someone will invariably ask, “Why do you do it?”

Someone working in the arts will almost always tell you one of two things. “It’s fun,” or “it’s my calling.”

So on the days when the creative aspect of our jobs drive us up the wall, the artistic people must remember why we began this journey. We must never give up and never surrender, or the dream will die with us.


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  1. I’d forgotten all about this movie. So funny. Now I’ll have to dig it up and watch it again.

    Never give up, never surrender! Indeed.

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