I’m Scared

A part of this blog was penned before I was published, and the other after. Facing your fears is part of fulfilling your dreams.

As I check off things on my to do list days before my release date, I’m struggling with a common emotion. I’m scared. I’m scared that no one will buy the book. Then I’m scared that the people who buy it will not like it and leave me horrible reviews. I’m scared that I’m filling the paperwork out wrong.


I’m scared I’m going to have a glaring mistake on page three that should have been caught during my twelve different rounds of editing (felt like that, anyway). I’m scared that I will fail miserably. And then I realize I’m scared of succeeding. Why am I scared? I don’t know what comes next.

Either way, I don’t know what comes next. The unknown will always remain frightening. But I know without a doubt that this is my calling. For whatever reason, I am called to share these amazing stories with the world. Do I want my fan base to expand exponentially, gain recognition, and have my own version of Potterhead fans? Absolutely. Will I die of disappointment if it doesn’t happen? No.

My stories have a message. My secular readers may roll their eyes at it, but the message is there. The message can touch people. The message can change lives. The message is the reason for the story.

Why am I doing this? I’m called to do this. And I’m called to present this message to the world. No matter what, I am determined to share this message. It is my calling, and I refuse to back down from it.

Though I did miss my original and next tentative release date, I was able to release my book. Just about everyone who has finished the book has only good things to say about it. The message is slowly but surely getting out there to the world.

Don’t let fear stop you from fulfilling your dreams. There will always be fear, just as there is always hope.


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