An Open Door

Just over a year ago, I attended a local church with a friend in order to meet a guy. My mom knew the pastor from the internet, and had gone to sing for his church when they did a revival. When Mama went, I tagged along. The pastor friended me on Facebook, and I went on with my life.

The pastor moved from that church to our city, and I found out (also through Facebook) that he now pastored a church where an old coworker of mine attended. Huh, I might go over one day and say hello.

It turns out the coworker had a much younger brother. The pastor became good friends with the brother, and found out that he was single. At some point, the pastor told him, “I know the perfect girl for you.” Turns out it was me. And it turns out the pastor was right, since I’m engaged to the guy I came to meet that night.

I went to the church that night in order to meet the guy I’d talked to on Facebook for two weeks. Though my friend did not return, I kept coming back on Sunday nights. I became good friends with the pastor’s family.

I’m sure you’re wondering how this relates to an open door. Well, I’m from a vein of faith where people pray over you at the altar. Sometimes, God speaks through the person praying. I’ve heard words spoken over people that were completely relevant for their situation, but the person praying had no clue of that. They were just praying what God laid on their heart.

Anyway, I started attending my boyfriend’s church on Sunday nights. Those services usually ended with an invitation to pray at the altar. Me and my boyfriend went up often.

The pastor has prayed many things over me in the past fifteen months. But the most common theme has been about an open door. I kept looking for said open door within my life, but I haven’t seen anything new…until now.

I was approached last week about a Ladies Meeting at my church. The men and women meet together about once a month. I do not attend these meetings, since they tend to fall on a day or time where it just doesn’t work for me. Anyway, out of the blue, I was approached last week about the upcoming meeting. I was not invited to attend, which is what I was expecting. I was asked to speak. About my book. I was told I could speak about whatever I wanted, but they wanted me to bring my books along, if I had any.

I got my work schedule for the week confirmed on Friday, and let the lady who asked me know that I could definitely speak. I went on with my weekend, determined to spend more time this week putting thought into what I should talk about.

Yesterday morning, I noticed something different on the bulletin board in front of our sanctuary. I stopped, unprepared for the sight that greeted me. Not only is the ladies group advertising, they’ve picked my topic. I can totally do that.

2014-10-12 12.17.08

Thanks for reading my insanely long post, guys! I’ll try to be briefer next week.

I’m toying with the idea of releasing an excerpt from the sequel. Let me know if you’re interested!


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