Acting and Being Social

I have learned over the years that while I am not an extrovert, I can at least mingle with others if I have a script to follow. “How are you? How are your kids? Did you see that cat video?”

It is at times like this that I am thankful for my theatre background. I learned a great deal during my acting classes, mainly about my limitations as an actress. But I did learn that if I had a script, I was more confident. The script gives me direction, so once I was pointed in the proper direction, I was good.

drama masks

This is the age of social media, so I am rather grateful that I can promote my book and influence possible readers from the safety of my computer. Social media, to me, means communicating with others through writing. Imagine my delight when I discovered texting. 😉

I’m still consulting my script on this whole promote yourself to find your readers thing. I’m looking at certain lines going, “Really? Do I have to?”

I was recently given an opportunity at church to promote my book just before I did a drama. I was thrown off, since I wasn’t expecting it. I quickly gave the pertinent info, but failed to tell them what the book was about or even that it was also an ebook. Fortunately, the pastor helped me out.

I’m finding myself giving the same info to curious people about the book, so I guess I’m still writing the script that I’m supposed to be studying. Perhaps that’s why I draw a blank sometimes. However, I’m going to keep working at this script I can do my part perfectly. Thank you for your patience if I happen to stumble as I walk on stage.



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2 responses to “Acting and Being Social

  1. I feel your pain! Promoting is a learning curve. I have found it helpful to work on short pitches for my work. After writing them so often I find myself able to spit out a two sentence blurb and not feel completely silly!

  2. Promotion is so much harder than writing the book! I’m a fairly social person one on one, but I don’t spend a lot of time patting myself on the back and that is what book promotion feels like. Which is what I’m doing all day today. Tallyhoe!

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