The Rainbow

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My next book will feature a familiar symbol during the course of the story – a rainbow. I’ve been drawn to rainbows since I was a little girl. I apparently drew rainbows on every piece of paper I could find. I’m not kidding, I remember using my paints as a kid to decorate the top of a box that had held clothes to paint a rainbow.

My favorite Bible story when I was young was – you guessed it – Noah and the Ark. The story ended with a rainbow – God’s promise after the storm to never flood the earth again. That part always resonated with me. God made a promise to Noah. We can remember it whenever we see the rainbow.

rainbow backyard

As I began writing the next chapter of Jasmine’s story, it began to get a bit depressing. The big, bad enemy was closing in. There was no hope. The family turned to Jasmine, the one who believed in miracles. They asked her to tell them a story.

Before I realized what was happening, she began to tell them about Noah and the Ark. As I’m writing, I can’t help but wonder, why am I writing about this? Why is she talking about Noah? The enemy is right there! They need hope. Why are you talking about the Great Flood? But while I’m voicing my inner questions, I’m still writing. Before the scene is finished, my questions are answered. Jasmine tells them about the rainbow and says it is a promise and a symbol of hope.

Other things take place after that, and Jasmine has to choose a symbol that others can look for if trouble arises. Jasmine chooses the rainbow, clinging to hope as she faces an ugly reality.

rainbow 3

Yes, it was probably my own love of the symbol that made the characters start talking about rainbows. But it was mainly just something that happened within the story. I didn’t plan it. But it worked so well, I couldn’t bear to take it out.

Though I don’t draw rainbows every chance I get now, I still like looking at them. I guess I’m still a little obsessed with them. But that’s okay. I’ve never liked the rain, but I’ve always been jazzed by the possibility that I could see a rainbow because of one.

It is my hope that after you read No Greater Love, you won’t look at a rainbow the same way again. I know I won’t.


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  1. I love rainbows as well. There’s something so magical about them that every time I see one I think it’s just for me! Best of luck with your novel. I’m sure it will be something special.

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