Christmas Magic

I’ve been trying to figure out all season long why I love Christmas so much. I love Christmas movies, including childhood specials that feature Santa. I love stuff with Christmas magic. I also love stuff that focuses on Jesus’ birth.

Yes, I’m an adult now. Jesus probably wasn’t born in December. Santa, sadly, is not real. The only kind of magic that does exist is something a born again Christian shouldn’t be messing with. So why do I still enjoy the season that focuses on historical inaccuracies, make-believe, and movies with large plot holes?

It took me three weeks, but I think I finally figured it out. I’m a writer, and I love creativity. I like seeing how the same story is presented in different ways. Mickey’s Christmas Carol is presented in a much different fashion than A Muppet Christmas Carol, but they tell the same story.

Regarding Santa, I think that I enjoy the idea of what could be. In the magical world where Santa and his elves are real, Christmas magic exists. Wonderful things take place because Santa is there to see to it. And there are lots of happy endings. I love happy endings.

The idea of peace on earth and goodwill toward men shouldn’t be confined to the Christmas season, but it largely is. Still, though, seeing what Hollywood produces to celebrate the season when we focus on that is heartwarming. I still have issues with what Hollywood believes and produces for the masses to watch. But their efforts at Christmas are more family-friendly and wholesome than at any other time of the year. I guess that’s one reason that makes me love it so much.

If there ever was a time when reindeer could fly due to the hope and dreams of others, Christmas would definitely be the time when that could happen. No, Christmas magic isn’t real. But just like Star Trek isn’t real, we enjoy watching about what could take place if that set of events actually happened.

The Wise Men weren’t at the nativity. Jesus was probably in a cave, not a stable. It probably wasn’t December. But Mary had a baby boy named Jesus. His birth was foretold in the stars and announced by angels. Some of my readers believe this. Others don’t. That’s okay. But if you believe in the idea of Christmas magic, then you’re at least on the right track. Christmas miracles happen. What happened at the nativity is proof enough for me.

I have enjoyed this season of celebrating miracles and magic. It encompasses both my creativity and my love of Jesus. I guess that’s why I love Christmas. It’s the best of both worlds.

Life interfered, preventing me from posting last week, when this topic was more seasonally appropriate. My apologies!


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