Sparkly Earrings

Since the past two blog entries have dealt with Scriptural truths, I thought I would veer back to the other main topic of my blog – writing. Male readers, I apologize in advance. Earrings will be discussed in great detail. There’s a point, I promise.

My mother was raised in a church atmosphere. She belonged to the sect of “don’ts,” which means she learned more of what not to do than what to do. The denomination eventually changed their stance on a great deal of that, but Mama was grown by then, and certain things had sunk in. She also learned that God worked in people who were not following the “don’ts.” It was years before she embraced some things as okay for her.

Anyway, when I came along, I did not get my ears pierced at a young age, as most of my peers did. When I was old enough to notice it, I didn’t care. I bought earrings for my friends when they got their ears pierced and went on with my life.

When my wedding was approaching, I decided I would like to have earrings to complete my jewelry ensemble on that day. So my mother and I both got our ears pierced. We have both been enjoying the variety of earrings available for us.

Since my ears are newly pierced, I have to keep something in them at all times for at least six months. Changing out earrings means immediately replacing them with something else. Sleeping in earrings that won’t fall out in the middle of the night. Yes, it’s slightly annoying. But so far, it’s been worth it.

Anyway, on to my actual writing point. A church friend stopped me in the hallway one day with a wedding gift. She’d had a birthday the previous day, during my wedding shower. She had missed it, and had brought her gift. In addition to that, she had bought earrings for me and my mother for the wedding day. These were mine.

2015-03-09 08.52.53

Okay, on to my writing point. I still like wearing the sparkly, dangly earrings, but my outfit can’t always justify wearing them. I have a variety of other earrings that are more suited for everyday wear. Besides, if I wear them all the time, they will lose their appeal to me.

It dawned on me the other day that writing scenes is sort of like changing earrings. Certain scenes are boring, but necessary. You have to know the layout of the main room where a sword fight will later take place, since part of the decor will play a part in who wins the battle. You have to know if the new guy who is speaking to your character is dressed like a slob or a prince. You have to give certain battle details if you’re going to do a war scene.

If you’re anything like me, the scenes that sparkle are the ones that come to your mind first, when you are forming the story idea. Those are the sparkly earrings, that catch your eye across the room. The frustrating part of writing the story is that you don’t start off with the super shiny pair. You start off with the boring starter set that causes you more pain than you think is possible. Every time you do something necessary to your story, it’s like pulling teeth – or in this case, turning your new earrings – it hurts. It’s hard. But you press on, knowing that it gets easier.

Now, you can’t write a story full of scenes that sparkle (well, maybe you can, but the books will be ridiculed by as many who adore it). But with proper placement, the scenes that are boring or contain just a bit of your flair will eventually be placed in the proper order. They will lead up to the main event, the scene you’ve been dying to write since page one. Your sparkle earrings.

The story rarely ends there. It’s back to more of the regular, run of the mill scenes, but with more flair, since the story is wrapping up and your big scene has happened.

My point in all this is to not be frustrated when your writing is hard. Don’t get upset when the story isn’t making much progress and it’s difficult to write. That’s part of the process. No matter how well-versed you are in it, writing some stuff will always be difficult. It does get easier, but it’s never super easy.

Don’t be afraid of the boring scenes. They’re necessary for the story, too. They’re just your set of standard earrings. One day, you’ll appreciate them. And no, that day does not have to be today.

Now let me go see if I can find out what kind of earrings my next scene calls for…


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