Back to the Routine

Today, most of us resume our normal lives. The holiday breaks that the majority of us experienced have come to an end. Back to our jobs, back to our normal schedules, and back to working on everything we’ve been avoiding since it’s the holidays.

Some of you may have made resolutions about writing, and Monday will present its own problems. The beauty and the difficulty of writing is simply this – there is no routine in writing. Yes, you can get in the habit of regularly sitting down and writing something. That’s what NaNoWriMo gets you in the habit of doing, and it’s a great habit for every writer to have, since it helps you produce something of value. However, the actual act of writing – there is no routine.


Every day of writing is different. Some days it flows, some days it does not. Some days you know exactly what you’re going to write the moment you start trying. Other days, it takes you 15 minutes to write a single sentence. Some days the blank page mocks you. Some days your completed works mock you. Some days characters refuse to speak.

Since you are writing something different every day, no two days of writing are the same. Even if you’re continuing in the same story, the characters are not doing the same things. They aren’t saying the same things every time (unless you’re doing a version of Groundhog Day, but you still have someone who is doing something different).

The story is always there, somewhere, and the story will have a different need each day. It may need a new chapter. It may need more description or dialogue. It may need editing. It may need reading. It may need an ending. And you, the writer, will have to respond to your story’s need. And that is where your routine varies based upon what you are currently working on. There is a habit, of course, in writing. But there is very little routine.

So, as you go back to your job today, remember your story. Think about what you may be working on next. It may save you of boredom in the quiet moments before your shift ends.

Happy Monday!

Since I was so focused to returning to the blogging world, I neglected to mention that my newest book has finally been released! You can order it here!

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*End of shameless self-promotion*


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