My Miracle

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I am talking about my husband today. Before everyone who’s single rolls their eyes and skips the rest of this post, let me stop and say that this post is written especially for you.

In one week, Bobby and I will be celebrating our one year anniversary. We are both still madly in love with the other, even on days that we annoy the snot out of each other. He is mine, and I am his. Yes, we are that couple that tells everyone how awesome their spouse is, how much we love them, and how we couldn’t imagine life without them.


Rewind three years. I was half-heartedly dating someone because I was officially 30 and desperate. That relationship wouldn’t last another month, so I don’t really count it. I was not only single – I was depressingly single. No real love interest, no one who I cared about looking my way, and nothing in my field of vision suggested it was going to change any time soon. I’d been single for about 10 years. TEN YEARS. A few blips on the love radar every now and then, but nothing ever panned out for long.

Now, add in the fact that I’m a faithful member a church, and you have the sad picture in a nutshell. My youth group had more girls than boys. Everyone paired up in their teens, but some were left out, just due to numbers. I was watching relationships on the sidelines when I was 15. That didn’t change when I got older.

Sure, I met people. I was constantly doing things in the church world, some of which were done with the hopes of meeting someone. NOTHING. I prayed and prayed and prayed. Nothing happened.

Members of my former youth group got married. I attended the weddings. I smiled, content in the knowledge that my time was coming. The youth group after me started getting married. I looked at their pictures on Facebook and got upset. Really, God? THEY’RE getting married before me? What am I doing wrong?

I had to reach a point where I was okay with being single. I had to be happy for everyone else finding their love interest. I had to be happy for everyone else having babies. Since marriage and a baby were out of the picture for me at the time, I focused all my efforts on my passions – drama and writing.

In the middle of my singleness period, I penned The Test of True Love. Ironic, right? A single person writing a love story. Yes, I know. I had a conversation with God on that subject right after I realized I was supposed to write it. Really, God? Me? You know I’m single, right?

I penned the book, and I started writing the stories that followed it. I kept on doing what I was supposed to be doing – readying myself for an eventual partner in life. I kept waiting. It was hard, sad, and lonely.

Then one day, I received a Facebook message and a friend request from a complete stranger. He was the younger brother of a former coworker of mine. His pastor was online friends with my mom. I was the pastor’s Facebook friend, too. I had met the pastor in person once. The sister messaged me a few days later, saying her brother was interested in meeting me.

Bobby and I met face-to-face in late May of 2013. Almost three years ago. The rest is history.

our photo

Bobby is my miracle. I’m sharing this story with you, my single friends. I gave up hope of it happening to me, but it did. My miracle came in its own good time. And yours will, too.


I will not be writing next week, since I’ll be celebrating my anniversary. Thanks to everyone who downloaded my book over the weekend! You’re awesome!!


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  1. Susie sent me from the drop and hop!

    Love this post!

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