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Escaping Reality

Everyone has stress in their life. Some of it comes through work, others deal with it at home, school, with relatives, in their transportation. Life can be stressful. We all have ways of coping with it.

I discovered midway through writing my second book that writing was a good way for me to decompress from my own stressful school situation. I can’t tell you how long it took me to finish my first book. I can tell you that Books 2 & 3 of the Tree House series were penned within 8 months. Both of those books were completed during my Directing I & II classes.

While in the middle of learning brand new terminology, reading new plays, and scouring said material for clues in figuring out the key properties of such stories, I pretty much lived and breathed Directing.

Directing I only came around once a year. If you failed the first test, you failed the entire class. I was also in a program where I could not move forward until I completed Directing. Adding to my stress, if I had failed the test and had to drop it as a result, it would have put me below the required 12 hours of classes that I needed to keep my financial aid. I was stressed.


In addition to studying like I’d never studied before (and lots of praying), I began writing in my down time. Being able to control anything in that type of situation was almost therapeutic, since there was so little in that time frame that I had a say in. Granted, my characters went through a bunch of stuff, but it helped me as a writer.

I discovered something within those 8 months of penning the end of my trilogy. Writing helped me calm down. It mellowed me on some level to write about other people’s lives spinning out of control.

November has and always will be a slightly crazy month for me. This year, especially, dealing with wedding details. However, what I discovered in Directing classes still holds true today. I feel better about my situation when I’m penning a story. For just a few hours, I get to escape into another world. Sometimes, that’s all I need in order to find some perspective.

**Directing I’s dreaded test was graded on a curve. Without it, I would have failed it by half a point. My final grade on that test was an 87. I can’t remember my final grade on the class, but I’ll remember that 87 for probably the rest of my life. I have never been so happy for a curve before. I’ve never needed one before, and I’ll likely never need one again. So thankful Jesus was listening and granted my request to pass The Dreaded Directing Test.**


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