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The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

We’ve all had those weird but memorable dreams. A pizza slice may be chasing you down the street, you show up unprepared to something important, or a long, vivid dream involving the teacher you’re scared of and a giant red pen. It’s odd, but it makes sense in the moment. And then you wake up, most likely relieved that it was just a dream.

Why am I talking about dreams today? Because sometimes, dreams have some awesome story potential. The Test of True Love began as a powerful dream that wouldn’t leave me alone. I tried my best to document what I could before I forgot the amazing details (that later changed to fit the story).

When you wake up in the morning, try to see if you remember your dreams (beyond the terrifying ones, of course). Sure, they may be odd. But every now and then, you might end up with a dream that has just the right mix for you – a great source of inspiration for the writer.


I do not keep a notebook by my bed, but I’ve heard it suggested for writers so they can jot down dreams. Supposedly, most details will fade when you leave bed. I’ve found that the cool ones stay with you, but it does help to repeat certain things. My last NaNo story began as a dream. And I just had yet another cool dream that may end up as a future NaNo project.

Pay attention to your dreams, fellow writers. They may end up being important one day.


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Thanks, Woolite!

As I was preparing my manuscript for publishing, I met up with a few local writers for one of our NaNoWriMo gatherings. They expressed sympathy for the current road block I was facing. One friend asked me how I got the original idea for my story.

I laughed and told the two present that it was stupid. They were interested. I told them the story, explaining I wasn’t planning on sharing it again. Upon hearing what prompted the idea, they encouraged me to share it again. So, here I am, following their advice.

I was watching TV one evening, about to turn in for the night. Woolite aired a commercial I had seen several times before about torturing your clothes. It was in the final ad break I witnessed before I turned off the TV.

I went to bed and forgot all about that silly commercial. I had a dream where I followed someone being tortured. The person was a girl. The family was nearby. She was taken back to a jail cell. I knew she had the option to be freed. For whatever reason, she chose to say nothing.

By the time I was awake, the dream wouldn’t leave me alone. I wondered what would make a girl choose to remain behind bars. Pretty soon, the answer hit me – faith!

The rest came at some point in November, while I was penning the story that I thought at the time would be a stand alone novel. It is now the beginning of a six book series.

Thank you, Woolite, for giving me a story idea.That ad helped spark my creativity into overdrive.

Psst! Buy my book!

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