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Seeing the Bigger Picture

I’m avoiding yet another depressing scene, so I’m penning yet another blog entry. I’m almost finished with the story. Last time, I talked about not knowing where the story ended. Guess what? I still don’t know where the story ends!

I’m a plotter. Sort of. I know Point C as I’m writing out Point A. I may not have Point Z figured out, but I at least have the next few steps. There have been other books where I knew Point A and Z, but the in-between stages were fuzzy. I figured those out as I wrote. That also means that I write by the seat of my pants, known in the NaNo world as a pantser. When people ask what type of writer I am, I tell them both. I plot out the story arc and figure out the details as I write them. More of a planner, but there are pantsing elements.

Planning makes the story go easier. You know as you start the chapter where it should end. You know where the character will be. There are few surprises. And, the more you plan, the more hints you can place along the way for the reader.

What is so frustrating about this story is that I don’t know where it ends. I’m a big picture gal, and not knowing the ending is driving me crazy. CRAZY!

I’m not giving up, though. I’m going to keep writing this story until I reach what I know takes place. Then, like it always does, the murky stuff that I didn’t see before will pull itself out of the writing sludge. “Here I am! Your beautiful ending!”

I’ve done this before, you see, but not with endings. I like to know my endings before I start the book. But this story is different, so I have to accommodate.

I guess I’d better get back to writing. Maybe I’ll know more about the ending after I finish this depressing scene. I will be rewarding myself with ice cream when I’m done. Yes, it’s one of those chapters. The reader just might need tissues.

Keep writing, even when you don’t want to. That’s what will one day make you a great writer.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to take my own advice.


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Where is This Going?

I feel like I’m experiencing the Week Two Blahs that are most common in NaNoWriMo. You see, I’m crazy and started writing a story halfway through November to reach my higher-than-average word goal. I met the goal, but the story was pretty much just getting started.

It got to a depressing point, and I set it to the side. When I get too frustrated with editing, I went back to writing this story. It’s given me focus when I need something to do.

Last time, I wrote about the stuff that will happen in the story. I’ve done some of that, and I’m at a lull before things move forward. I can’t decide if I’m stalling because I’m writing from the wrong perspective, I need to stop the story, or if I just don’t want to move forward. It’s a weird feeling.

I’m also uncertain if this will turn into a mammoth book that will only end up being research, though the story technically ended (well, I thought it did). Guess I won’t know until I finish.

Maybe that’s why I’m stalling. I have no idea how this ends. The story line has a clear ending, but I’m pretty sure the book doesn’t end there, if that makes any sense.

Guess there’s only one way to find out. That’s right – I must keep on writing.

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Camp NaNoWriMo

Yes, I am one of the crazy NaNo people. I am one among many who pledge to write 50,000 words in 30 days. In recent years, I’ve become one of the crazy writers who commit to writing above that goal on a consistent basis. Why?

NaNoWriMo is an event that challenges an individual to write for a month. They want you to forget how good or bad it may be and just write. I don’t subscribe to their philosophy of not reading what you’ve written or not bothering to correct typos, but I see the wisdom in such things. For the people who have to make it perfect, it gives them the freedom to move on past the first page.

NaNo wants people from all different walks of life to discover the joys of writing. They want those who love to tell a story to keep on telling their stories. That’s an awesome goal, and I enjoy participating in it and creating awareness for it. While it is a free event, they ask for donations to keep their programs for young writers going. I’m always strapped for cash, so I do the next best thing: advertise for them.

Since I’ve yet to hear back from my editor, I shall embark on a new story tomorrow. I will not worry about what I will have waiting for me when the book ends and I’m again faced with the things to do relating to publishing my book. I will instead embrace the joy and adventure of starting a brand new story.

When I’m published, I plan to continue with NaNoWriMo to the best of my ability. NaNo has helped me produce and finish about seven stories.

The main event is held in November each year. They have since started Camp in two different months to accommodate those who cannot participate in November, and also for the people who like writing a book more than once a year.

If you’re a writer, I highly encourage you to try NaNo at least once. Even if you don’t reach your goal, you will at least start on your story. Sign up for Camp now!

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