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It’s that time of year where I will abandon all reason and semblance of writing schedule to focus on a brand new story. That’s right, it’s time for NaNoWriMo!

For the uninitiated, NaNoWriMo is an abbreviation of National Novel Writing Month. My group just calls it NaNo. Anyway, NaNo is a challenge to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Every year, people take the challenge. Every year, people push themselves to write on days they didn’t feel like writing. They push themselves to create. Every year, people finish a story they didn’t know they had the ability to pen.

The official website is here. I think this makes my 8th consecutive NaNo year, though I’ve honestly lost count. November means NaNo season.

I have also joined the host of slightly crazier people who commit each year to write double the target word count. It’s all Jasmine’s fault, you see. Ever since I penned her story and came up just short of the 100k mark before November ended, I knew that it was possible for me to hit the higher mark. This will make my 3rd year trying for 100k in 30 days.

While I’ve waxed poetic about NaNo on numerous occasions, I haven’t done it a lot on this blog. NaNo exists to get people to commit to time to write. It helps people focus for a set amount of time on their story. While I had finished several books before I joined the legions of NaNo writers, I did discover something new during my first attempt – the sense of accomplishment when I wrote a scene when I didn’t really want to. That day, I transitioned from a casual writer (writing only when I felt like it) to an amateur one. I’ve been gunning for publication ever since.

This will be my first NaNo season as a published writer. No, the Office of Letters and Light hasn’t come begging me to write a pep talk just yet, but that’s okay. I get to experience NaNo season with my friends, family, and my NaNo group. If you want to join in the madness, sign up now!


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