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Thanks, Woolite!

As I was preparing my manuscript for publishing, I met up with a few local writers for one of our NaNoWriMo gatherings. They expressed sympathy for the current road block I was facing. One friend asked me how I got the original idea for my story.

I laughed and told the two present that it was stupid. They were interested. I told them the story, explaining I wasn’t planning on sharing it again. Upon hearing what prompted the idea, they encouraged me to share it again. So, here I am, following their advice.

I was watching TV one evening, about to turn in for the night. Woolite aired a commercial I had seen several times before about torturing your clothes. It was in the final ad break I witnessed before I turned off the TV.

I went to bed and forgot all about that silly commercial. I had a dream where I followed someone being tortured. The person was a girl. The family was nearby. She was taken back to a jail cell. I knew she had the option to be freed. For whatever reason, she chose to say nothing.

By the time I was awake, the dream wouldn’t leave me alone. I wondered what would make a girl choose to remain behind bars. Pretty soon, the answer hit me – faith!

The rest came at some point in November, while I was penning the story that I thought at the time would be a stand alone novel. It is now the beginning of a six book series.

Thank you, Woolite, for giving me a story idea.That ad helped spark my creativity into overdrive.

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